Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Battle Beast - Madness

I really like Nuclear Blast. It is the only record label on youtube.com. I follow. At first it was the obvious place to go to keep on news on bands like Blind Guardian, Edguy and Sabaton, but it is has also proven to be a great way for me to discover bands and songs I would not have heard otherwise; speaking of which, Battle Beast.

In December Battle Beast released their first official video for their third album “Unholy Savior” and the song is “Madness.”

“My name is madness,
And I’m the light you need,
In darkness,
You can’t escape from me,
Cause I’m madness,
And I will tear your soul apart.”

Yeah that rocks.

This is my first exposure Battle Beast and I am impressed. I am very confident the grungier, angrier, more “brutal” metal fans may consider Battle Beast a pop sort of metal, but I have no time for such pretension, this song rocks. The guitar solo is not going to win any awards but is serviceable. The rhythm sections is solid and heavy but nothing world breaking. Everything is good, but what might make Battle Beast truly special is the front woman, Noora Louhimo. She just sings her ass off.

Noora Louhimo
There is intensity from Noora’s singing that we have come to expect from metal but we rarely see from female singers. Most notable female lead singers have been operatic in their vocal approach, and I love that, and those that have taken to the hard angry shouting/singing have been mostly male. Noora nails the shouting angry lead singer thing; in fact I think she is one of the best I have ever heard, and this spice of life and energy really shows off the importance of a strong front person.

Battle Beast kind of remind me of Warlock only with more energy, which is saying something since Warlock was fairly energetic power metal band. Hey does anyone else remember Warlock? Because I do.

The new album “Unholy Savior” is coming out January twenty-seventh of this year, and enough goodwill has been earned by the song “Madness” to convince me to pick up the album. I also intend to pick up their second album, the self titled “Battle Beast,” when I make my amazon purchase because I also really like the song “Out of Control.” To me it is a little crazy but apparently the first Battle Beast album had a different female lead singer, Nitte Valo. Now obviously I am just learning about this band for the first time so it is not as if I have much knowledge about the topic, but it is hard to imagine this band existing without Noora. After listening to some tracks from Battle Beast’s first album it is impossible to deny that Nitte was also fantastic, but, even with limited knowledge on the subject at hand I am already partial to Noora and I love the addition she makes.

Out of Control

Browsing over Battle Beast’s songs I could not help but notice the reoccurring theme of, wait for it, madness.

I mean clearly the song “Madness” is about madness, and that is great fun, but it also comes up in “Out of Control” with the opening line “Welcome to my kingdom madness,” and the chorus makes reference to fighting a madman, as well as “defying the gods of hell” which is just such a bad ass thing to say, makes me want to go slay demons. The other released track from “Unholy Savior” thus far is “Touch in the Night” and it has the line:

“Here I am in the dark chained to demise and agony,
Madness is creeping in,
'Cause what I see cannot be real,
Or can it?”

So maybe insanity will be the primary subject matter for this power metal band, that will be fun, also it might make “Madness” a potential flagship song. Also insanity can fit in well with the band’s other reoccurring themes, such as, dark adventure and fighting demons and machines; basically pure fun. Battle Beast is pure fun. Listen to the new track “Madness” and hear for yourself, great fun is upon you, all you have to do is listen.

It looks like Finland has done it again. They really know how to rock out in Scandinavia. It just seems like all the metal I enjoy nowadays comes from central Europe and lucky for me there is so much of it.

Until next month, keep on rocking in the free world.

- King of Braves

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