Saturday, May 5, 2012

Andrew W.K. - She is Beautiful

Most people know who Andrew W.K. is. He is a hard person to ignore. What with the flailing limps, the wild hair, the rock star status, the screaming vocals, the intense energy, the bizarre motivational speaking tours, with all that, he is quite the character. He one rocks out quite like Andrew W.K.

I remember when Andrew W.K.’s first album “I Get Wet,” came out and people were comparing him to professional wrestler Al Snow. Al Snow and Andrew WK did look somewhat alike, and they were both crazy, but one key difference is that most people actual remember who Andrew W.K is.

After “I Get Wet” come out there was a few years where “Party Hard,” was THE partying song. The crazy thing is “Party Hard,” is really just one of many songs that Andrew W.K. has specifically about partying. It’s really cool someone has found the right amount of intensity to write songs about happier themes, namely partying. On the same album there is also “It’s Time to Party,” and “Party Till You Puke,” other partying songs by Andrew W.K. include “Long Live the Party,” “Big Party,” “Party Music,” and of course “Party, Party, Party,” and those are just the songs that have the word “party” in the title. Which raises the question does he have any happier songs about partying?
Makes me laugh every time.

I also remember when “I Get Wet,” came out how his songs were popping up everywhere. They were in commercials, video games, and movies, and I sort of vaguely remember my favorite Andrew W.K. song “She is Beautiful,” appearing in a variety of films, most of which I never saw but for some reason I remember. Since “She is Beautiful,” is my favorite Andrew W.K. song, let us focus on that one.

I have always loved unorthodox love songs. I think we all adore unorthodox love. It is a very special thing when you can find someone weird in all the same ways as yourself and jives with your own unique strangeness, but if you are thinking like that while hearing “She is Beautiful” then you are over thinking a very simple song. “She is Beautiful” is about one thing, a crazy man roaring about how much he likes a pretty girl. That is a good theme for a song. Out of all the hard rock songs out there few are about telling a girl you like her, not counting ballads of course, but then again most rock ballads are not hard rock songs.

There are probably only a handful of songs in existence that are similar to “She is Beautiful,” a raw love song... no not a love song... “I think you’re pretty” song, that’s a better way of putting it. Basically “She is Beautiful,” is a manly way of rocking out and hitting on a girl at same time. This would be an ideal song to sing to a cute girl at karaoke, in fact that’s a pretty good idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner; it’s obvious really. The world could use more songs like that. The world could use more Andrew W.K.

I think if you removed Andrew W.K. from “She is Beautiful,” you would still have a good rock song. The drums are heavy and lead the song well. The opening guitar rift is distinct and memorable, and so are the frills throughout the song. Still this is a good example of the importance of a good front man, Andrew W.K. brings that something special to everything his does, call it intensity, insanity, or both, Andrew W.K. is an awesome dude. Can anyone imagine a more fun front man than Andrew W.K.? There are better front men for sure, and many better singers, but there are few, if any, who rock out as hard and entertain as intensely as Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. is a special man who has given us something special to enjoy. I’ll wager few of you know the extremes of Andrew W.K.’s rock craziness, but more on that later this month.

- Colin Kelly

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