Friday, September 23, 2011

Cloud Cult - Everybody here is a Cloud

“You’ve been spending your time,
Thinking about why you think so much.
If there were ever a time,
Now would be the time
To see your time here is limited.”

I like the Cloud Cult, they are a strange bunch. They have hypnotic songs that focus on very simple patterns of sound, and usually unusual sounds at that. They are somewhat similar to bands like The Polyphonic Spree or... well I cannot think of a second band they are similar too, which kind of emphasis their uniqueness.

I discovered the Cloud Cult while doing my job as a music critic, scouring the internet for songs I had not heard before. They were one of my pleasant surprises, and despite being extraordinarily weird, I have grown very fond of them.

Oh Internet what would we do without you. Well the music in review wouldn’t exist for starters.

The first song I ever heard by the Cloud Cult was “Everybody here is a Cloud,” which I can only assume is their flagship song. Even though I have grown very fond of other tracks of theirs, I think “Everybody Here is a Cloud,” is a good song to focus on, being a flagship song it helps sum up the band in one track.

“Everybody here is a Cloud” is a quirky song by a quirky band, but there is a certain level of depth to the track that I enjoy, especially the line quoted at the beginning of the review. If you fail to understand why a lyric about thinking too much, appeals to me than you have not known me very long and clearly have not read many of these reviews. Beyond that the song does convey something of a cult like message; slivers of philosophical thoughts are mixed in with a sense of union, and of course the cult if all about clouds. It works, it is weird, but it is good.

I am left with a limited amount of things to say about Cloud Cult. They are a strange entity and perhaps listing to “Everybody here is a Cloud,” will go far further to explain them than anything I can say. I wanted to share this band with all of you, because I have idea what to expect from them in the future and I feel it is important to get word out now in the event that things get either too weird or fall apart for The Cloud Cult. Furthermore I like sharing music with people that is off track from our usual expectations and despite the variety of peoples’ tastes that read The Music in Review, none of you might expect The Cloud Cult. That is what makes them so fun.

About half way through this review I realized I have created a “cloud” theme for this month’s pair of music in reviews. While this was not intentional it is pretty cool.

Until next month, keep on rocking in the free world.

- Colin Kelly

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