Monday, May 5, 2008

Electric Six - Synthesizer

If you are Internet inclined, there is a good chance you heard that “Gay Bar” song. I think I’ve stumbled across three or four different videos using the song to mock some celebrity or politician or just to emphasis the sheer ridiculousness of the song. In truth it was a rather funny and a fairly good song at that, though undoubtedly beaten to death by people who don’t know when to leave a fad alone.

Anyway the band that wrote that song was called “The Electric Six.”

As I am sure I have mentioned before I am constantly prowling the airwaves, television, and the Internet to find good music. Gay bar was amusing so when I went to download it I decided I would give the band a few other downloads to see what humorous songs they had written that weren’t about homosexuality.

“Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor)” was an assuming one, short and sweet.

Also what was apparently their real life big hit “Danger High Voltage” was a very good song, and nearly as silly as the other two songs.

In life sometimes you have to take a chance, and when the gamble involved consists only of spending $10 - $15 dollars for a CD, it is a risk I feel comfortable taking.

One day as I was prowling through HMV, which I love since their prices are constantly plummeting, I came across The Electric Six and their CD “Fire.” I kind of laughed to myself amused at the memory of songs like “Gay Bar.” I picked it up and looked at the tracks, all three that I knew were present, and naturally being in an HMV the CD was on sale. So I shrugged my shoulders and said “sure why not?”

I’m glad I did.

Most of the songs of the CD were obvious attempts at being just plain funny, and I can’t say every last song I really appreciate the humor there in. But for the most part it stood up pretty well, definitely a B+ album.

One song more then any other stood out to me was “Synthesizer” the last track on the album, which befittingly is some of the finest use of the synthesizer, I’ve ever heard. There are times I forget the song is heavily synthesized, it often seems to me that there is only a large amount of keyboard and electric guitar, shows the quality of music it is.

This is one of those simple themed, nothing too deep songs, which are created to induce a nice relaxing feel-good feeling in all of us. I know I appreciate songs like that, who the hell don’t?

Until next month, keep on rocking in the free world.

- Colin Kelly

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