Friday, June 5, 2009

The Cult - Sun King

There is one thing you’ll never hear me bitch about, and that’s the weather. If it’s cold, then its cold put on a jacket and get on with your life. When it’s hot, I love it!

I love it when I can open the windows fully open in my apartment and let the sun shine in. I love letting a nice windy draft flow through the apartment. I love going for a run around Prince Island Park. I love going to my pool and enjoying a nice swim and soak in the sun, plus the girls in bikinis of course. I love walking around with no shirt on and letting the hot sun beat down on my naked skin. I love the girls in short shorts. I love having no fear of dying if I pass out drunk walking home, though that hasn’t been a concern for a very long time, still. I love summer! And it’s finally here… I think, we never know with Alberta do we?

I woke up a few days ago and felt bloody great, the sun was shining through my window and I just felt pumped full of energy. Feels like I’m solar powered sometimes, I swear. While I tried to do some school work the sun was calling me, so I put on my shoes, went to the gym, powered through one set of everything and then ran a few miles around the Bow River. Since there are nearly two thousand songs on my mp3 player it seemed like something of a coincidence that The Cult’s “Sun King” played twice on two such runs on random.

Hell yeah! Not only is “Sun King” highly appropriate for how I was feeling at that moment, but it is one of my very favourite Cult songs, plus I’ve grown some sentimental attachment to the song since a fictional character I write about I crowned the sun king long before ever hearing the song.

The Cult is an awesome group that never seem to get the full recognition they deserve, making them perfect candidates for a music in review. Sure most of you probably know “She Sells Sanctuary,” which is awesome, and most of you probably also know “Firewoman” (kind of a reoccurring theme of fire and sun there) which is also totally badass, but how many of you know “Love Removal Machine,” “Sweet Soul Sister,” “The Phoenix,” or “Sun King” baby!

Yeah that’s what I thought, pretty much no one.

I highly advise you to spend the summer running, swimming, fighting, dancing, drinking, passing out, or whatever in the hot sun. Believe me it’s even better with The Cult. I’m the Sun King baby, let me take you by the hand.

Until next month, keep on rocking in the free world people.

- Colin Kelly

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