Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slash & Beth Hart - Mother Maria

Nickolas writes;
“dude ur next music reveiw u should totally do something on compliation albums (i think thts the right word??) like slashs new album and dave grohls probot album u know rockstars workin with various rockstars is fucking killer shit dudeKEEP ON ROCKIN AND FUCKIN ROLLIN IN THE FUKIN FREE WORLD DUDE!!!!”

Terrible English aside, Nicky has a good idea. Compilation albums huh, well I can think of about a hundred examples, but in the event of trying to stay relevant let’s talk about Slash’s new album.

As you all know Slash was the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses before they broke up, and yes they are broken up, Axel hanging out with a bunch of idiots does not count. But yeah other than a couple of albums with Slash’s Snake Pit and Velvet Revolver, Slash has taken it pretty easy… I think. Well he’s not literally dying in elevators from alcohol abuse and then being revived by paramedics anymore, so he has calmed down to say the least.

Now Slash has a solo album out, and as Nicky pointed out, it really is more of a compilation album, every single song on the album has a guest appearance by another musician. I have to say, I think this was a really good move for Slash. We all love Slash’s guitar work, but I have never had any reason to believe that Slash could write and produce great solo music, maybe Slash’s Snake Pit would prove me wrong, but having only briefly listened to it I can’t be certain. Furthermore, like any group effort it shows variety, Slash shows he can create good music with different people, which doesn’t surprise me as Slash has been in three bands now, this album does serve to show a great example of just how much Slash can contribute to anyone’s style.

Highlights of the album have to be guest singers Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Astbury (The Cult), and Iggy Pop, also Fergie proves to be a delightful surprises singer one of the better songs on the album. But, I have to say the best song is not even featured on the basic studio album, but rather a bonus track, which you can get by buying the special edition of the album or by living in Japan or something.

“Mother Maria” featuring Beth Hart, is definitely my favourite song on the album. Who is Beth Hart? That is a good question; I don’t know. I think guest singers and musician team ups is good for another reason, discovering new talents. I don’t know who Beth Hart is but after Slash’s album I’m interested in her.

Regardless Slash has a decent album out, and those of you who did give it a listen may not have picked up the special edition of the album, so here is the bonus track that really sold me, Mother Maria.

And to answer Nicky’s question about rock stars working together on albums, the best thing to happen to music lately is Avantasia. The two newest albums produced by genius Tobias Sammet features guest musicians are almost every single track. I can’t rave enough about how awesome this Sammet guy is, and apparently every rock and roll star in central Europe agrees with me since all of them make appearances on “Wicked Symphony,” and “Angel of Babylon,” but I’ll get to those another day.

Until next month, keep on rocking in the free world.

- Colin Kelly