Friday, February 5, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne - I Just Want You

"There are no unlockable doors,
There are no unwinnable wars,
There are no unrightable wrongs,
Or unsingable songs.
There are no unbeatable odds,
There are no believable Gods,
There are no unnameable names,
Shall I say it again? Yeah.
There are no impossible dreams,
There are no invisible seams,
Each night when the day is through,
I don't ask much,

I just want you.
I just want you.

There are no uncriminal crimes,
There are no unrhymeable rhymes,
There are no identical twins or,
Forgivable sins.
There are no incurable ills,
There are no unkillable thrills,
One thing and you know it's true,
I don't ask much,

I just want you.
I just want you.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired,
I used to go to bed so high and wired,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
I think I'll buy myself some plastic water,
I guess I should have married Lennon's daughter,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

There are no unachievable goals,
There are no unsavable souls,
No legitimate kings or queens,
Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
There are no indisputable truths,
And there ain't no fountain of youth.
Each night when the day is through,
I don't ask much,

I just want you.
I just want you."

It’s such a simple poetic scheme really. Effectively there are only two types of sentences present in the entire song, the verses containing nothing more than a collection of “There are no ____” examples, and the chorus “I just want you.”

Sometimes the simplest statements are most profound.

Everyone loves Ozzy Osbourne, so, me saying I really like Ozzy Osbourne is rather redundant, don’t you think? But I really like this song, it says a lot without trying, and to me, that is the best possible example of poetry.

Sometimes we waste thousands of words trying to convey the simplest of messages, even highly renowned writers are guilty of this, but effective verbal and written expression should be the opposite. A few short words saying everything that needs to be said.

Again, we all love Ozzy Osbourne, but it is easy to overlook just how good of a song writer, front man, and musician he really is. Ozzy’s antics and personality tend to overshadow the great talent he possesses, which in some regards is a bad thing, but in many more ways very intriguing and complimenting to his overall person.

“I Just Want You,” is little more than a list of conventionally believed impossible or near impossible challenges dismissed as plausible, and the humble request, “I just want you,” it reminds me that the things we really want are so very feasible when compared to all the other achievable goals that are also present to us. It’s very romantic. Don’t we all compare our own feelings of love to monoliths of the unbelievable?

Until next month, keep on rocking the free world.

- Colin Kelly