Monday, February 5, 2007

David Gray - Please Forgive Me

Let me tell you about whom I consider to be the greatest light-rocker ever; David Gray.

David Gray is a tall, pudgy, balding Irishmen, who plays a mean piano and writes a lot of non-offensive easy listening songs.

Now I know what you’re thinking? Colin you are suppose to be a hardcore rock and roll machine, what is up with this love wuss light rock? I tell you want is up with this light rock stuff, David Gray RULES!

I first saw and heard David Gray on Monday morning TV. Some talk show host I don't bother to remember announced "Here is David Gray", and since the song started out rather pleasantly I sat and watched. Imagine my surprise when this Monday morning talk show actually had a decent live performance, the song was "Please Forgive Me", and frankly I loved it. But I was in for a real surprise at the end of the song, the lyrics stop and David Gray focuses entirely on playing piano, a rather fast piano. The man proceeded to rock the house. I couldn't believe what I was seeing this balding Irishman was practically head-banging to his piano. He REALLY got into it, and you could just feel the passion this man was putting forth into his music.

Immediately I went to my computer and began to download David Gray, and I was very impressed with his collection of songs. I now have three of his CDs and probably forty or so songs by him on my computer.

Now when you judge a musician, I believe one factor of many should consider is their ability to perform live. A truly great musician does not need the help of studio or his damn computer to create great music. Now the song I am review is David Gray - Live in New York - Please Forgive Me. This performance is so good that it is better then the original. Remember how I mentioned the piano at the end, yeah in this version that is 90 seconds longer, and it has some awesome synthesizer to boot.

It's a fun song, and even though I can't see good old David Gray on the mp3 I just know he is rocking out hardcore to his kick-ass light-rock. Also a fun note is his obviously insane musical guest whom I believe is playing the synthesizer. At the end of the song when David and his guest are thanking the audience his guest yells out; "Thank you, must be all those Turkish bades!" What is that suppose to mean? I don't know, but it makes me laugh every time.

So anyway for the sake of variety give my friend and yours David Gray a chance. This is just such a wonderful song, I feel good every time I hear it.
Until March, take care everyone.

- Colin Kelly